Feb 2018 Congratulations to Andrey Vyatskikh on publishing his work on Additive Manufacturing of Metals (AM) featured on Caltech's website!


Oct 2017 Congratulations to the now Dr. Xiaoyue Ni, Dr. Eric Luo, Dr. Alessandro Maggi, and Dr. Victoria Chernow for successfully defending their theses.

Jun 2017 Daryl was selected into the Biotechnology Leadership Predoctoral Program in Micro/Nanomedicine at Caltech that will provide him the opportunity to work at biotech companies via internships! Congratulations, Daryl!

Jun 2017 Congratulations to Bryce for being the first of his class to pass his candidacy exam!

Jun 2017 Ryan was recently awarded with a CCE Teaching Assistantship Award granted to the division's most exceptional teaching assistants. Congratulations!

Apr 2017 The Greer troops present at the MRS Spring 2017 meeting! Adenike, Xiaoxing, and Xuan present talks, and Julia presents in Symposium X. Click here to see a video/write-up of her talk.


Dec 2016 Chen's new paper in PNAS on properties of small-scale Li is featured on the front page of Caltech news today! See it here!

Dec 2016 Congratulations to Diandra Almasco (and her mentor Carlos Portela) for winning first place for her SURF poster!

Sep 2016 Congratulations to Amanda for passing her qualifying exams!

Sep 2016 Congratulations to Dr. Rachel Liontas on completing her PhD!

Aug 2016 Congratulations to our newest PhD - Dr. Chen Xu on a successful defense!

May 2016 Congratulations to Ryan, Max, Mike, Arturo, Carlos, Daryl, Alessandro, and Adenike for passing their candidacy exams!

May 2016 Congratulations to the now Dr. Lucas Meza and Dr. David Chen on successfully defending both of their dissertations!

Mar 2016 Check out Julia's new video on CNN!

Mar 2016 Julia was named as one of fifteen 2016 National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellows by the DoD! See it here.

Feb 2016 Zach and Eric's new PNAS paper is featured in a Caltech news article!

Jan. 2016 See the new NBC-NSF video featuring the Greer group that went live today!


Dec 2015 Greer troops take MRS by storm, with presentations by David Chen, Viki Chernow, Lauren Montemayor (alum), Julia, and posters by Dylan and Adenike. Adenike also gave a talk at the African MRS after.

Dec 2015 Special issue of MRS Bulletin with a focus on Innovation comes out, with a featured review article by Viki and Lauren!

Nov 2015 Julia gives a talk at TEDxManhattanBeach. See the talk here.

Oct 2015 Congratulations to Dylan for his wonderful talk at the 2015 ECS fall conference and to Xiaoxing for winning the best poster award!