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June 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Max Saccone for a successful thesis defense! Max becomes the 30th PhD graduate of the Greer group, and its first in-person defender since December 2019!

May 2022

Max Saccone won the Best Presentation Bronze Award at the 2022 MRS Spring Symposium in Advanced Manufactured Materials - Innovative Experiments, Computational Modeling and Applications for his talk titled "Hydrogel Infusion Additive Manufacturing of Mesoscale Metals and Alloys"

Max Saccone was selected as a Graduate Student Silver Award Winner for his presentation at the Materials Research Society Spring 2022 conference

Wenxin Zhang passed her candidacy for Mechanical Engineering!

April 2022

Sammy Shaker passed his candidacy for Bioengineering!

Rebecca Gallivan was selected as a 2022 Amazon AI4Science Fellow. The award helps harness collaborations between AI and other disciplines for scientific and engineering advancement.

Rebecca Gallivan presented her Science Journey:"Defects in Crystals: The Tiniest Engineering Tool" at Caltech. You can see it here

Dr. Kai Narita, Max Saccone, and Yuchun Sun published their perspective on additive manufacturing of 3D batteries

Thomas Tran was awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship!

Rebecca Gallivan received the 2022 KNI Catalyst Award for her mentorship and outreach efforts! Read about it here

Kevin Nakahara passed his qualifying exam for Mechanical Engineering!

Kevin Nakahara was awarded an honorable mention from the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship Program

Fernando Villafuerte presented his Science Journey:"Addressing Energy Storage Challenges: Making Electrolytes That Can Help Batteries Store More Energy" at Caltech. You can see it here

Max Saccone completed the Certificate of Practice in University Teaching from the Caltech Project for Effective Teaching and CTLO

Max Saccone presented his work at Caltech's 3 Minute Thesis Competition Final Event. You can see his presentation here

December 2021

Rebecca Gallivan was selected as a Graduate Student Silver Award Winner for her presentation at the Materials Research Society Fall 2021 conference

November 2021

Greer group alum, Dr. Kai Narita, was selected by the MIT Technology Review for their Innovators Under 35 Japan 2021 award

Widi Moestopo's poster, "Pushing and Pulling on Ropes: Energy Dissipation and Reconfiguration in Hierarchical Woven and Knotted Lattices," was chosen as one of the winners of the "Size Matters" section of the Society of Engineering Science's Annual conference!

September 2021

Dr. Greer dicusses our current electroactive polymers project and its implication in the field of refreshable displays for people with visual impairments on the "On Tech & Vision" podcast with Dr. Cal Roberts.

Wenxin Zhang passed her qualifying exam for Mechanical Engineering!

August 2021

Rebecca Gallivan is a featured speaker on the Department of Engineering and Applied Science's Steps Forward showcase where she describes her research. You can see her on the EAS website!

June 2021

MIT Assistant Professor and Greer Group Alum Dr. Carlos Portela's work on nanoarchitected materials designed to absorb impact from supersonic projectiles has been published in Nature Materials! The paper is currently featured on the Caltech website.

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