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June 2021

MIT Assistant Professor and Greer Group Alum Dr. Carlos Portela's work on nanoarchitected materials designed to absorb impact from supersonic projectiles has been published in Nature Materials! The paper is currently featured on the Caltech website.

May 2021

Congratulations to Dr. Kai Narita for a successful thesis defense! Kai becomes the 29th PhD graduate of the Greer group, and its seventh Zoom defender!

Former Greer group postdoc Dr. Ye Shi's work on cactus-inspired, architected structures for capturing water from the air has been published in Nature Communications and is featured on the Caltech website! This work served as the foundation of our DARPA atmospheric water extraction (AWE) grant (Amylynn Chen’s project).

February 2021

Dr. Daryl Yee's and Kai Narita's research on 3D battery electrodes is featured on complementary covers of most recent issues of Advanced Materials Technology and Advanced Energy Materials . Huge congratulations! Read more about their works in Advanced Science News .

December 2020

Dr. Luizetta Elliott's work on shape memory polymers is featured on Caltech's website. Congratulations!

Congratulations to Dr. Luizetta Elliott, Dr. Bryce Edwards and Dr. Haolu(Jane) Zhang for successfully defending their theses!

September 2020

Congratulations to Seola for passing her qualification exam!

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